Terms and Conditions

The registration - and therefore the prerequisite for the participation in surveys by myonlinepanel GmbH (referred to as myonlinepanel below) - is performed by the full completion of the registration questionnaire and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1) Membership

Registered members of myonlinepanel can participate in online surveys and product tests. The surveys are ordered by service providers, product manufacturers or market research companies (also referred to as "clients" below).

With your registration, you agree that you will answer the questions on the registration questionnaire and in our future surveys truthfully and according to your "best knowledge and conscience".

Of course every participant may only register once.

Children and teenagers under 16 years may not participate in myonlinepanel.

Participants are invited to surveys via an email from myonlinepanel. Your email address is also used as a login to the member area. A current and accessible email address is a prerequisite for membership.

The invitation to a survey depends on the study's objective and target group. A random generator is used to select participants for individual surveys from all possible members of the respective target group for that study. For that reason, there are no claims to participate in any particular survey or to regular invitations. Of course you are not obligated to participate in any survey that you were invited to.

Please keep your personal information up to date. To ensure this, we ask all members to update their personal information once a year. This update is a prerequisite for the continued membership in myonlinepanel.

Because we are committed to providing high-quality data to our customers, we reserve the right to exclude participants in case of repeated misrepresentations. Our Panelist Rating System (PRS) also guarantees the high quality of our data. It tests the quality and consistency of the responses and rates them according to various criteria. Participants who draw attention due to low quality or inconsistencies in their responses will be warned and potentially excluded from the panel.

myonlinepanel reserves the right to withdraw points in the event of deliberately incorrect questionnaire responses or manipulations of the questionnaire process. Questionnaires that are incomplete or filled out incorrectly cannot be used and may also result in an exclusion from the panel. This cancels any claim to the bonus points collected up to that time.

The contents of the website www.myonlinepanel.co.uk and our offers (premiums, point system, coupons) can change at any time.

2) Compensation

In return for participating in surveys, the member is credited points ("mypoints") in a personal premium account or is entered in a raffle. The invitation email states what kind of premium is awarded for the survey participation. This generally refers to the full completion of the questionnaire.

The collected points can be viewed in the member area of www.myonlinepanel.co.uk and redeemed for a coupon code as soon as they have reached the amount of 500 mypoints (corresponds to 5.00 €). Following this, they can be redeemed in increments of 500. There is no cash payment for mypoints. The collected points can be redeemed for a coupon code in the member area. However, there is no claim to the immediate availability of the coupon codes. As a rule, the coupon code is automatically emailed to the email address listed in the profile within a few minutes.

The email contains a "BestChoice" coupon code, which can be used to request the desired coupons from our premium service provider Cadooz AG under www.cadooz.com/europe This requires the forwarding of your contact information to Cadooz.

There is no legal recourse in the case of raffles. We notify the winners via email.

If the questionnaires are not fully completed or terminated by the participant, we are unable to credit any points.
Questionnaires may contain filter questions to determine whether the participant belongs to the appropriate target group. If the participant does not fit into the target group, the questionnaire is ended. The questionnaire may also be ended if certain quotas (e.g. particular age groups) have already been filled. There is no compensation in such cases, unless the client has specifically requested this.

The collected mypoints have no expiration dates. However, the items listed under 1) might result in a cancellation of the credit or even complete deletion of the account. The points also expire if they are not redeemed before a member cancels the account ("opt out"). If any mypoints were redeemed for a "BestChoice" coupon code in the member area, this code can be used to request a desired coupon from Cadooz within one year.

The points for recruiting new members ("Friendship promotion") are credited once the recruited person has registered at myonlinepanel and successfully participated in a survey. In the event of multiple registrations, manipulations or attempted fraud, myonlinepanel reserves the right to exclude participants and take any additional legal steps that may be required.

3) Data security

As a serious German market research institute, myonlinepanel is subject to european data security laws. myonlinepanel also complies with the guidelines for online surveys that have been published by Berufsverband Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforscher e.V. (the professional association for German market and social researchers).

Some projects require personal information to delimit the target group requested by the client. As a rule, we only transmit your personal information to our client in anonymized form in the scope of market research projects. myonlinepanel does not transmit any personal information about you unless you have explicitly authorized this (e.g. for the shipment of test products to your postal address) or if we are legally obligated to do so.

myonlinepanel places great value on data security - you can find additional information in the data security guidelines.

4) Cancellation

You can cancel your membership at any time. Your data will be deleted upon your membership cancellation. For technical reasons, this will require a period of one week. If you have reached the redemption limit, you can redeem your collected points for coupon codes before the final cancellation. Once your membership has ended, you will also lose the right to participate in raffles from myonlinepanel.

myonlinepanel reserves the right to cancel a registration after a cancellation deadline of three days, or to delete a member's registration. The right to termination without notice for good cause is unaffected.

Membership accounts that are unable to receive invitation emails because the email address no longer exists (so-called "bounces") are automatically deleted after a period of 30 days. The points collected up to that time will expire.

Once a year, all accounts from members who have not reacted to emails for at least three invitations in the previous 12 months will be contacted via email with the request to confirm their continued interest in participating. This also applies to accounts that have been registered for at least 24 months and whose last participation was more than 12 months ago, and who show a response rate below 20% for more than 10 invitations. If no confirmation regarding the member's account maintenance is received within a period of 30 days, it will be deleted and the collected points will expire.

The conditions listed under 1) also apply.

5) Confidentiality

By registering on myonlinepanel, each participant also agrees not to save or transmit to third parties any information or materials to which he or she receives access in the course of a project (questionnaire, emails, surveys, product tests or other market research activities). This includes any kind of questions, images or templates. In case of non-compliance, myonlinepanel has the right to demand compensation for the incurred damages from the panel member and exclude him or her from the panel.

You also agree not to transmit your access data to other persons and not to let anyone else participate in the surveys in your name. myonlinepanel is unable to assume responsibility for any unauthorized use of the member area.

6) Disclaimer

As a rule, myonlinepanel is only liable for willful intent and gross negligence.

In case any emails are returned as undeliverable (e.g. because of technical errors or spam filters), myonlinepanel is unable to assume liability. The same also applies if test products, coupon codes/coupons or prizes are returned as undeliverable via the postal system (e.g. because of an incorrectly listed address). Liability for damages incurred by the improper use of test products is also excluded.

myonlinepanel is not liable for the quality and state of the products and services redeemed for the coupons and it will not compensate for any arising subsequent costs or damages.

All other liability is excluded by myonlinepanel.

myonlinepanel does not guarantee that the website is accessible without interruptions, errors or viruses, or that the information on the website is free of errors and complete.

7) Changes in the terms and conditions

We might add new functions from time to time and expand the level of services that we offer. myonlinepanel reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. You can find more information on this in the member area under www.myonlinepanel.co.uk. Members can cancel their agreement to the new conditions within a period of four weeks after publication. If nothing was stated to the contrary, the terms and conditions will be considered accepted. Your subsequent use of this site without protest or questioning for a reasonable time is considered to be an acceptance of the amendments.

8) Copyright

All of the content and offers on our website are legally protected. Copies (even as excerpts) require the prior written approval of myonlinepanel. The contents (texts, images, audio files and videos) that are accessed in the scope of the survey are subject to copyright protection and may not be copied, processed or made accessible to third parties.

9) The place of jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are subject to German law.

The place of jurisdiction is the main location of myonlinepanel if both parties are merchants. In all other cases the legal provisions apply.

10) Severability clause

If one or more provisions of these terms should become wholly or partially invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected. The invalid provision will be replaced with retrospective effect by a regulation that corresponds as closely as possible to the contents of the invalid provision.

Apart from that, the conditions of the BGB (German Civil Code) apply.

Last update: May 2018