What is an online panel?

An online panel consists of a group of selected internet users who have expressed their readiness to participate in online surveys.  What distinguishes this from a conventional survey (e.g. by clicking on a banner) is that the participants can be selected specifically (e.g. according to age) and invited to the surveys.

How can I become a member of

You need to register in order to participate in our paid surveys.

What are my obligations as a panel member?

Of course the membership is free of charge. In registering with you are only agreeing to take part in the surveys, nothing else. And you can decide each time you are invited whether you want to take part, or not. So if you are busy for some reason, you do not have to take part that time. When you participate in a survey, we only request that you always answer all questions according to your ‘best knowledge and conscience”.

How and when can I terminate my membership?

You can terminate your membership at any time. Just click on the <terminate membership> button in the <members only> area.
Each invitation email for a survey also contains a link to cancel the registration in the legal information section.


How can I participate in a survey?

We send you an e-mail with a link to the questionnaire and all you need to do is to click on this link.  This email indicates approximately how much time the survey will take and how many mypoints  you will receive for completing the questionnaire completely and correctly. At any time you can also access the questionnaires that are currently available to you in the member area.

How long are the individual surveys online?

There is no general answer to this question. As a rule of thumb, a survey is online for about one week. However, depending on the type of survey it may well be that a survey is accessible for a shorter or for a longer period of time.

The invitation email will notify you about the maximum survey period. As soon as the required number of participants for a survey has been achieved, the survey will be closed. For that reason we may withdraw a few surveys from the Internet before the survey period is over.

It is some time since I was invited to take part in a survey. / I have not yet been invited to take part. Why is this?

The most likely reason is that there are no surveys at the moment which fit e.g. your interests or age group. But you also have the option of finding surveys that fit you in our website’s “display window”.

How frequently will I be invited to participate in a survey?

This will vary and depends on the survey subjects and topics. We can only invite those myonlinepanel-members who fit the criteria (e.g. age, number of children in the household) we are looking for for that survey.

How much time does it take to complete a questionnaire?

This depends on the type of survey. In general a survey will last between 10 and 20 minutes. The longer the survey is, the more mypoints you will earn. More details under <reward programme>. In each invitation e-mail for a survey we will tell you how long it will take to complete the questionnaire and the number of mypoints you will earn.

How do the product tests work?

The product test involves projects that consist of several steps. First we look for appropriate participants with the aid of an online questionnaire. This could include users of a particular brand, for example. If you belong to the respective target group, it is important for you to list your current address to make sure that you receive the package of test products. The exact process of the product test is described in the questionnaire - and instructions are included in the package. Please use the test products according to the directions. After a predetermined time, you will be emailed a link to a questionnaire in which you can document your experiences with the test product.

Rewards Programme

How many mypoints will I receive for taking part in a survey?

This depends on the nature of the survey and the length of the questionnaire. We appreciate that you need time to fill in the questionnaire. For a survey which lasts about 10 minutes you will earn about 100 mypoints. This corresponds to a value of 1 Euro.

Where can I look at the balance of my mypoints account?

In the <members only> area you can look at your personal account balance at any time.

What are mypoints worth?

100 mypoints are worth 1.00 Euro (approx. GBP 0.90).

What do I get for the mypoints?

As soon as you have collected 500 mypoints, you can redeem your mypoints for a voucher. With this coupon you can shop at more than 200 companies, use recreational offers, etc. For more information see <Rewards programme>.

Do I also get mypoints if I don’t complete the survey to the end?

Sorry, since it isn’t possible for us to evaluate incomplete questionnaires, you will not be credited any points in such a case. However, you may select a discount coupon free of charge if you were not part of any respective target group for five surveys or if there were already enough participants. So it’s worth responding to every invitation.

How and with how many points can I redeem mypoints?

The first time you have at least 500 mypoints (corresponding to 5 Euros) in your premium account, you can redeem these mypoints for a coupon.  The mypoints can always be redeemed in increments of 500.

Is it also possible to get cash for my mypoints?

Unfortunately this is not possible. The cost of administration would be too high and affect the level of rewards we could offer. We believe that the voucher system we use represents the most attractive reward method.

For how long are the mypoints valid?

The mypoints you collect are valid until you stop being a member. They do not expire. If you cancel your membership, you can first redeem your mypoints in increments of 500 for a coupon, as long as you have collected at least 500 mypoints.

How do the raffles work?

You get a chance to win attractive prizes four times a year. As a member of myonlinepanel, you automatically participate in our raffles. The winners are selected randomly and notified via email. The winner must respond within 30 days, otherwise he or she will lose the claim to the prize and it will become part of another raffle. As is customary with raffles, there is no legal recourse.


What happens to my personal data?

As a serious German market research company, we value your data security and data protection very highly. Of course we strictly comply with the regulations of the Data Security Act and will not transmit your data to third parties. Your personal data is collected only for survey invitations and quality assurance purposes. You can find more information on data security at <Data security>.

I forgot my password, how can I log-in?

On our homepage you find directly under the fields for entering your log-in data a link which you can click onto to request your password.  It will be sent to your email address immediately.

I have several e-mail addresses which one should I use?

Please enter the e-mail address which you used for your initial registration with and which you normally use for logging-in to We can only allocate your mypoints to your account if you stick to the same e-mail address.

Why do I have to give you my e-mail address?

Your email address is used e.g. for identification purposes in the member area. We also need your email address to invite you to surveys and notify you of raffle winnings.

Why am I asked for my postal address?

Your postal address is important for two reason:
1) We will send your coupons for stationary premium partners (e.g. local shops) to your listed address.
2) Sometimes we are trying to recruit people for a survey who live in certain areas of the country or in big cities. In order to be able to invite you to take part in those surveys, we need your address and post code. You will not receive any advertising material from us. Also, we will not disclose your name or address to any third party.

Is it possible to take a look at the answers I have given in the survey?

No, this is not possible. As soon as you have completed a questionnaire and sent it back to us, your answers will be stored in our database for analysis and is no longer accessible to you or anyone else via the internet. In the <members only> area you have the chance to retrieve and to update your personal profile data (e-mail address, password, etc.).

Where is the data stored?

All panel data is stored on secured servers in Germany.