About us

myonlinepanel is an independent market research agency which operates its proprietary consumer online panel in the UK, in Germany and in France. We are bound both by the laws of the UK and the European Union in matters to do with survey work. We are a private limited market research company and specialise in consumer online market research. With myonlinepanel.co.uk we offer a platform for consumer surveys in Great Britain via the internet.

Our online panel is a closed group of people who have who have expressed their willingness to take part in surveys on a regular basis, and give us their opinions and experiences of using different products and services.

This enables the manufacturers and companies who commission the surveys to take your needs into account when they design and create new products and services. Most companies use consumer research surveys to improve products or to launch new products onto the market. The companies which commission surveys from us are well-known companies covering a wide range of products and services.