Collect mypoints!

mypoints are the way you are rewarded for taking part in myonlinepanel.

You will start with 150mypoints as a thank you for your registration.

Each time you take part in a survey you will receive a certain number of mypoints.
100 mypoints equal one Euro (approx. GBP 0.90). You will be told when you receive the invitation email how many mypoints you can earn for taking part in that survey. A rule of thumb is: the longer the survey, the more mypoints you earn. For a 10-15 minute survey you will earn about 150 mypoints.
As soon as the balance of your personal mypoints’ account reaches 500 mypoints, you can redeem your mypoints with a voucher. With this voucher you can shop online and offline for products and leisure time offers etc.Of course you can also divide your mypoints onto several coupons.

And: Four times a year, all members get a chance to win attractive prizes in our raffles!