How it works

1. Apply

A free and non-obligatory registration is required to participate in our surveys. If you would like to apply for myonlinepanel, please fill out the application form on the right.
Once we have received your completed application form, we will send you an email with a link to a short survey about some general information. Based on this information, we can subsequently invite you to specific paid surveys that are relevant to you. You will receive your first 100 mypoints (corresponding to 1 Euro) for completing this first short questionnaire.
Once this first questionnaire is completed, we will immediately set up your individual account in the <Member area>. You can access this at any time to view your premium account, request coupons and edit your personal information (such as your email address). It goes without saying that we treat all your data confidentially, and we will not pass it to any third parties who are not bound by the Data Protection Act regarding confidential surveys. For more detailed information about this click <Privacy>.

2. Participate

When we conduct a new survey, you will receive an emailed invitation that includes a link to the questionnaire - just click on this link and get started! Every time you participate in a survey, it is important that you take time to answer all the questions in peace and quiet. This helps us to ensure each survey is carried out to a high standard. The emailed invitation always tells you how long the questionnaire is and how many mypoints you can collect by participating.

3. Collect the rewards

If your rewards account has at least 500 mypoints (corresponding to 5 Euros), you can easily redeem these for shopping and event coupons from more than 200 companies. For more details see <Rewards Programme>.